Thursday, October 26, 2006

The traiter in chief

A few days ago I received a post from a friend. She had called to register a complaint about the vote for the Military Commission Act. She was told by the secretary she talked to that her Senetor justified his vote because without it he would see the Contitution burnt before he would allow us to back down from Iraq.

This with the previous Patriot Act gives Mr. Bush the same powers and the same lack of legal restraint as Adolph Hitler, Joe Stalin, Iddy Amen or even King George III. I will continue to fight this abuse of power, but may get charged as a enemy combatent myself.

I believe in the Constitution. I will continue to fight for it, not for me. Not for the role over and play dead politicians. For the Seven Generations that follow me. They deserve a chance to live free and enjoy life too.

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