Monday, October 02, 2006



1: Impeach Bush/Cheney & lesser officials for treason,
the one charge the president can not grant a pardon for.

2: Pull out of Iraq/Afghanistan
and allow UN Forces to do the job of peace keeping, rebuilding.

3: Rescind the Unconstitutional Patriot Act.

4: Call for sharp reductions in Defense spending
with the savings going to essential social/environmental programs

5: Support the Kyoto Treaty as a necessary first step to control green-house
emissions, with rapid development of solar/wind power in every home.

6: Support the right to choose for every woman in the world, and as a
step toward sustainable populations, make funds available for education
and non-abortion birth control, including 'morning-after' pills.

7: A single payer national health insurance program is badly needed now.

8: Immediate arsenic reductions in our drinking water now.

9: Due to the racial bias, failure to deter crime, widespread errors,
and humanitarian objections, we oppose the death penalty.

10: We demand a livable wage, strong unions, repeal of the Taft-Hartley
restrictions, and increase of minimum wage so people have the honest
means to support themselves.

11: We oppose trade pacts, agreements, and institutions including NAFTA,
FTAA, CAFTA, and WTO as written only for the global corporations
without protection of the small business or local populations.

12: We call for democratic reform to strengthen participation and minority
representation, including proportional representation, instant run-off
voting, monitoring of elections and public financing of elections.

13: We stand for citizen controlled open debate between all legal candidates
for President as well as all public offices. Not just between Republicans
and Democrats, but all legal candidates.

14: We oppose deregulation of telecommunications companies, and support
increased non-profit use of airways and public access to telecommunications.

15: We are opposed to bank deregulation.
We call for creation of community investment banks to give low income
people low cost loans and first time small business a chance to borrow
at low rates.

16: We are for legalizing all natural substances in their unrefined, un-distilled,
natural form. They have a better safety record than do alcohol or
cigarettes. We are spending billions losing the war on drugs and jailing a
lot of people who otherwise would be good hard working citizens. Control
it and tax it like you do alcohol and create new business and tax sources.
All criminal 'strikes' related with such natural substances will be expunged
from criminal records.

17: To help restore the balance with the Native Nations, we are for giving
back to the tribes 30% (equal to 2 Pennsylvanias) of the National Forests
with the creation of a Ecology Council of the major ecology groups to
help them develop a sustainable income and land use program. If Mixed
Bloods with 1/8 Native American heritage are accepted as tribal members,
the amount returned is to be increased to 45% (3 Pennsylvanias).

18: Create a Dept. of Peace with Congressional oversight, and full access
to the daily briefings from the various intelligence agencies including
the DOD (Department of Defense) agencies.

19: Doing away with the Presidential Emergency Powers.
No more writing laws by the Executive Branch.

20: Shift the USDA priorities to all help for farming has to go to those
who make less then one million dollars a year.

21: Put in place a recall mechanism for all Federal Office Holders.

22: We support the New Covenant Peace Plan for Israel/Palestine, which
perfectly conforms to requirements of Hebrew Tribal Law, Jewish Law
from the Torah & Prophets, Muslim Law from the Qur'an & hadiths,
and New Testament Law, too. It leaves what's today called 'Israel',
the West Bank, and Gaza, as One federal state, composed of two
tribal districts, Judah (Israel), & Ephraim (Palestinians--West Bank &
Gaza). Jerusalem is shared as national capital. Right-of-return issues
are addressed, too.

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