Saturday, March 22, 2008

If I am NOT an LHC Candidate, can I post to the LHC blog?

At this time, only LHC candidates and operational staff are being given direct posting access to the LHC blog. ( )

HOWEVER, at the bottom of each posting is a link that states the nummber of comments in response to that particular blog post. Simply click on the "number of comments" link, and you will be directed to a form that allows you to comment on that post, provided you have a Blogger or Google account.

All friends of the LHC and interested parties are completely welcome to continue to use our companion Yahoo discussion group at: .

The LHC blog is mostly about alerting new people to the existence of the Longhouse Coalition. It is about outreach, and gaining momentum for what the LHC is trying to accomplish; a major change of heart in American politics and the state of life on this Earth.

There are no changes being made to our Yahoo group. Everyone currently receiving messages through the Yahoo group will continue to do so. New people are still welcome to join and use the Yahoo group, and LHC candidates and Ops staff will still get those messages as per their personal preference settings. The Yahoo group will be as valid and valuable as it has ever been.

Simply put, there are a lot of folks out there that use varying methods of communicating online, and we need to reach as many as we can with our message of hope and constructive action.


Dan Stafford
LHC Webmaster

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