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Raw Story: " Expert: FISA bill is 'frightening' "

Expert: FISA bill is 'frightening'
ACLU and Ron Paul team up to protest FISA in effort called 'Strange Bedfellows.'

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At the rate things are going, a viable alternative to the "major" parties is desperately needed, and effective communications with the public even more so.

The Longhouse Coalition, the Green Party, and the Libertarian Party are all available to a public that never hears much about any of them.

Thanks largely to a corporate-owned media in the US, controlled by just five persons and completely motivated by corporate profit, the people simply have no overarching understanding of how the current government is this country is operating.

The picture painted of these parties by the corporate media is of extreme or radical viewpoints and intentions. The true intentions of these parties is to put government and informational sources back in the hands of the citizenry of the United States.

It is in the interests of the current government and media corporations to play up and perpetuate "threats" to the American public and regular people across the globe. Their survival and maintenance of power is hinged literally on the fears of the common people the world over.

This is not a policy of the American People. The average American Citizen is concerned with trying to keep their family fed, their job secure, their home, and having a little time left over in which to pursue modest entertainment and hobbies that allow people to have something in their lives that gives it meaning and worth and dignity. This is no different than what any sane human being looks for the world over.

It doesn't matter what color you are or what country you live in, having a secure source of food, shelter, clothing, and a little bit of worth in your life and for your children and their children is NOT too much or wrong to ask. Having a planet that can sustain life is NOT too much to ask. Having the freedom to choose how you live without telling others how to live is NOT too much to ask.

Power for the sake of self, with no concept of stewardship or responsibility IS too much to ask.

The Republicans have proven themselves incapable of respecting the basic needs of common people across the globe, including here at home. They have proven themselves incapable of providing a free and secure future to anyone. Now the Democrats are proving themselves to be in collusion with that failure, indeed, an inseparable part of that path to decline of life of any quality upon this Earth.

No one is happy with the state of things as they are; neither "conservatives," nor "liberals." Indeed, such labels are of a narrow scope devised and played-upon by the current government-corporate conglomerate to pit the common people against one another. They will play up every artifice of division and disharmony they can find or dream up, from race to nationality to ideology and use it against everyone not a part of their "team."

They now propose to give legal immunity to anyone who will become a part of their very own secret police force, to the detriment of everyone else living.

I have long viewed the Democrat & Republican game as a "dog and pony show" put on by those who perceive themselves as an "elite" class, now they are proving it.

These people expose their true ideals by their actions; "all for us and none for anyone else."

Given a longer duration in the halls of power, these people will create gilt cages and hellish prisons for their collaborators and the people who would stand up for their rights to even a simple life.

Solve our problems? They play them like out-of-tune musical instruments, to a cacophony of abuse and fear.

Their has to be a better way, a way that respects us all, a way that promotes life and brings life outside the cradle of Earth.

It's been said before: "vote them all out - you can't get anything worse."

There is only one race, one people in this world: the people of the Earth. Unfortunately, some of its members are completely insane, and are in exactly the wrong place to live out that condition.

Look to alternatives, people of the world.

Dan Stafford

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xoites said...

Repeal FISA is up and running. Anyone who wants to is welcome to sign up and become a Poster on it. The purpose of the blog is to organize a drive to repeal the FISA laws and all laws that pardon or give immunity from prosecution anyone who has violated the Constitution during the Bush Administration.

That is why we want everyone to be able to Post so they can start a conversation about an idea they have to make this happen.

Stop on by and check it out. By all means leave a comment and sign up to blog with us as we figure out what needs to be done to return our Fourth Amendment Rights and our rule of law.

If you have a blog already and you become a poster we will link to your site.