Saturday, March 22, 2008

Why is the LHC Blog important?

The LHC Blog is a tool that Dave Mortenson and myself are trying to open up to LHC candidates.

The cool thing about a **correctly configured** blog is that it will announce itself to about ten different lists of recently updated blogs **each time it is posted to.**

What this means is that consistent posting throughout the day tends to drive up traffic to the blog - which has links leading back to the main site and the yahoo group. It does this because every post puts it up in front of more eyes.

I've recently sent out invitations to our candidates to join the blog, which will allow them to simply send e-mail such as those posted to the Yahoo group, by sending to the BLOG ADDRESS ONLY, and have them go out both ways with just one e-mail. The only thing required is setting up an account with -now owned by Google. Once that's done, it's a simple e-mail away.

If you're a candidate who has NOT received an invitation to join our blog, please 1. Check your junk mail folder for the invite, and 2.Let me or Dave Mortenson know that you haven't received it.

If you have received an invitation and either have concerns or a reason for not accepting, please also let one of us know.

It's important that we get as many of us posting also to the blog aspossible to help spread the word about the Longhouse Coalition and what we are trying to accomplish.

Thank you All,

Dan Stafford
LHC Webmaster
(Re-posted to Yahoo to allow it to be sent through the blog and appear there as well.)

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