Saturday, April 12, 2008

Initial Thoughts On "The Great warming"

I honestly think that we can change the world together, for the better, and get a lot of enjoyment, satisfaction, and fulfillment out of the effort.  Additionally, I think that the effort can form the basis for a lot of common ground between people who currently feel divided, and restore our sense of community and connectedness in the process. It can give us a common focus, a common problem, instead of a common "enemy."

I just finished watching "The Great Warming," a film on the scale of "An Inconvenient Truth," but with as much solution presentation as problem presentation. It's narrated by Keaneau Reeves and Alannis Morrisette. It will be one of the films I am reviewing for the Sundance Channel, and airs in late spring of this year.

What I found inspiring about the film at first glance was how it presented the growing evangelical movement toward environmental stewardship based on both religious reasoning and science. This gave me a great sense of hope. All over the world, the "grass roots" are waking up to the problem in a big way, across all walks of life. The "green age" is coming. The only question is if we will move collectively fast enough.

I firmly believe that we must work to educate and break down barriers to common ground and effort being established. We need to work together to push public policy and private action in a sustainable direction, and I believe we can.

No situation, political, cultural, or economic is static. Change is coming, and each of us must lend shoulders to the oars and tiller of this great ship to turn our course. I see many positive signs, and all one has to do is look and learn to see the course.

The little things add up - it took a huge collection of individual decisions and actions to get where we are, and it will take the same to get where we will go. The difference is knowledge, and in  this early part of the green age, every one of us that can show a way forward to even one other makes a difference that adds to the overall result.

Seeds of change are sprouting - and we need to nourish them.


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