Friday, July 18, 2008

Re: Ohio Attorneys Launch Election Fraud Probe Against Rove and Others

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Yesterday, Ohio Attorney Cliff Arnebeck launched a new legal strategy to expose a national strategy of election manipulation directed by Karl Rove.  The implications are stunning.  Arnebeck has asked the Ohio Federal Court to allow for targeted under oath depositions of key individuals including Rove, Bush IT guru Michael Connell, Jack Abramoff, Ken Blackwell and others.  This will be the first opportunity ever to place these individuals under oath. 


Arnebeck indicated that he has amassed a great deal of information from various sources including whistleblowers implicating Rove.  He wrote in yesterday’s court filing that the “suspected lead perpetrator of this conspiracy against the civil rights of the plaintiffs and against the rule of law in the United States is Karl Rove…. Rove’s politicization of  the Justice Department is currently being investigation by the US House Judiciary Committee.” 


Arnebeck also notified both Attorney General Mukasey and the Chamber of Commerce that he intends to “assert an Ohio Corrupt Practices Act/RICO claim against Mr. Karl Rove and others based upon their activities beginning in 2000 to illegally use corporate treasury money and government power to establish single faction dominance in the United States, military dominance in the world and generally undermine the rule of law as it had developed over the course of the past century.” 


VR was at the press conference and extensive coverage is here on our Election Protection Strike Force and on the Brad BlogRaw Story has also covered this with new details on the possible manipulation of the 2002 Senate Max Cleland Senate race .  VR will have a complete video of the press conference up shortly.

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