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Re: CINDY MADE IT! Peace Mom Puts Peace On Ballot, Officially!!!!!!

Carol Wolman wrote:
Congratulations to Cindy!  I hope she will now take the lead in publicizing the New Broom Coalition of impeachment candidates! 
Bay Area candidates and impeachers, we have a meeting of Impeach Bush-Cheney this Sunday evening, 5 pm, at 406 41st St in Oakland.  Lots of good strategizing has come out of this group over the past 3 years.  Let's roll!
Peace, Carol Wolman, MD
Green Candidate for Congress, CA District 1
Coordinator, New Broom Coalition
Chair- Impeach Bush-Cheney
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Subject: CINDY MADE IT! Peace Mom Puts Peace On Ballot, Officially!!!!!!

"When the people fear the government you have tyranny; when the government fears the people you have liberty."
Thomas Jefferson

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August 8,2008

Dear Cynthia,

On behalf of the people of San Francisco and all whom dream of a better tomorrow, we are proud to announce that Cindy Sheehan is officially on the ballot as a candidate for California's 8th Congressional District Representative to the U.S. House.  Cindy is only the 6th Independent candidate ever to be listed on a California election ballot.  

There has been an overwhelming and unprecedented show of support among San Francisco voters for the Sheehan campaign's progressive agenda.  Over the past few months, hundreds of volunteers and supports rallied around getting their voices heard in November's election.  After collecting roughly 20,000 signatures, with at least 10,198 qualifying, the Sheehan campaign has proven its viability with flying colors.   

Cindy's access to November's ballot is evidence of growing discontent among San Francisco voters with the Democratically lead U.S. congress and its inability to end the war, hold the Bush administration accountable for unconstitutional acts, stimulate the economy, reform healthcare, reconsider trade agreements that harm American workers and the environment and cut ties to corporate lobbyists.  The Sheehan campaign is offering a new vision for San Francisco and the nation.  Cindy believes in peace, accountability, freedom, and well being for all.  She believes that war should be a last resort for defense and not the handy policy tool that it is currently being used as.  She believes that healthcare is a basic right in a democratic society and should not be based on ability to pay.  Cindy knows that it is essential to keep our representatives and leaders accountable to our Constitution and to democratic practices.  She knows that we must retool our economy to be in harmony with the environment and its sustainability.  Most importantly, Cindy understands that Americans are striving for a new type of politics that has meaning, puts people before profits and that challenges the divisive two party system.       

After overcoming its first obstacle by achieving ballot access, the Sheehan campaign is in full gear and ready to achieve victory in November.  Over the next few months, the campaign will be working hard to spread its message of peace, accountability, and hope.  Thank you to all whom have shown their support by volunteering, donating, advocating, and being the change that we wish to see.  Although Cindy is on the ballot, the most challenging part of the campaign is around the corner.  We must spread our message more widely, recruit more volunteers, raise more funds and secure more votes.  As a grassroots campaign going up against a well oiled machine, we are fighting an uphill battle.  Regardless, we have hope.  We have hope because we understand the power of people to chance society.  The civil rights movement and women's liberation movement within the United States is evidence that if we come together in union, regardless of the odds against us, we can overcome all obstacles.  The Sheehan campaign's message to you today is that, we can overcome!  We can overcome fear.  We can overcome the military industrial complex.  We can overcome corporate domination of our economy.  We can overcome environmental degradation.  Let us create a society grounded in peace, love, and humanity.  

Onwards to victory!!!!!

Let us elect Cindy Sheehan to the House of Representatives!

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