Monday, October 06, 2008

[PDI] Naomi Wolf joins other conspiracy theorists that bailout was a coup


I am blocked from sending e-mail via my regular e-mail accounts by Comcast. They are claiming spam from our internet account, I believe they are blocking because of legitimate political discussion being sent out by myself.

I can receive but not send from my normal addresses, and must use webmail, yahoo groups, and blogs to speak out. This limits my access to my address lists, especially address groups in my e-mail client.

See below, give me your take on it, forward if you deem it appropriate.

Dan Stafford

*Watch this video:*
/"Americans are facing a coup as of this morning. It's happened."/ *- Naomi Wolfe*

This is apparently the clip of Rep. Brad Sherman talking about martial law threat if bailout bill did not pass:

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