Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cultural integration initiative, a fair one, for after elections...

After the election, I would like to see us pursue the teaching of Native American history, mythology, and language as a second language in all US schools.

Native Americans had to learn European cultures. I think the best bridge between us would be if all children were taught both cultures so that we can become one nation, taking the best of both worlds and surpassing what either has been.

Each school should teach the language that was originally spoken where it is located, and the hand signs that bridged them all.

English and contemporary American culture should also be taught in all Native American schools.

No discrimination. Enough of the "US" and "THEM" thinking. The vast majority of us were born into the world as we found it, here in the USA. while the wrongs of the past need to be fully acknowledged and apologized for, most of us living today had no control over those events.

To me, all Native Americans are my countrymen, as much as any other citizen of the USA.

Just my two cents,


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