Friday, October 20, 2006

More From Robert Mendelson...

Please join us. We're a coalition of Independents, Greens, and Progressive Democrats who've just adopted a historic reparations plank to our platform. Now, we're asking you to help us make this a reality, THIS time. We're a group of 47 candidates who were willing to pass a platform that calls for true justice for Native Americans, returning 45% of the National Forests. Now, we've followed suit with a real reparations plan.
David Ware just joined us. If you and the other Indepent African American candidates join together with the best of the Whites, and Native Americans, we can bring the Black Caucus and the rest of the Progressive Dems to us, free ourselves of corporate control, and really get on with this country. We have two and a half weeks. That's two Sundays in church for many people. What is more Godly than finally honoring the promise given over 100 YEARS AGO? Someone once said "With man, nothing is possible, but with God, all things are possible." Others have said, "We shall overcome!"
Thank you,
Bob Mendelson
ps; It's important to note that while there were 6 abstentions and 6 who did not vote, not one person objected to reparations. 33 vote 'for'. 0 'against'. The abstentions are the result of people being too busy running their campaigns to stop and take time for such a weighty matter. Fortunately, there were enough who were able to do so, and 33-0 is a good indication of the quality of those who didn't participate.

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